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The National Academies: What You Need To Know About Energy

The National Academies

Science Ambassadors

The Science & Engineering Ambassadors, a program of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, was created to build on the respect people hold for scientists and engineers and to address the need for a greater popular understanding of scientific issues. The program selects, prepares, and supports a team of experts to work in their local communities to improve public engagement with a variety of timely topics while also providing opportunities for the experts to interact with members of their community.


Pilot City: Pittsburgh

Working closely with the Pittsburgh community to identify the energy-related topics of greatest relevance and interest, the program seeks to add the perspective of science and engineering to people’s thinking as they make important decisions in their personal and professional lives.

About the Program

In a 2005 Research!America poll, 82% of Americans surveyed said they do not personally know a scientist.

Scientists and engineers are an important part of every community. Learn more about how the Science Ambassador Program will work to develop strong relationships between community members and their local scientists and engineers.

About the Program


This program depends on volunteer ambassadors from the scientific community as well as effective partnerships with community leaders.

Learn more about how to become an ambassador, how to partner with the National Academy of Sciences, or how to share an idea for an activity or program focused on the topic of energy.



The National Research Council’s 2010 set of reports, America’s Energy Future, provides a clear look at our current energy situation—and our options for the future.

Find links to this and other trustworthy resources focused on the topic of energy, including reports and studies geared to technical audiences as well as print and web-based materials that serve as primers for general audiences.

More About Resources


This program would not be possible without the financial support of key individuals and institutions.

The initial phases of this program have been supported by several sources, all of which believe in the importance of the effort and its potential impact. Learn more about who has supported the project to date and how you can become a funder.

More About Funders

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Looking for a way to get in touch with us?

Whether you want to inquire about becoming an ambassador, reach out as a potential partner, suggest an idea for an event, or contact us for any other reason, we would be happy to hear from you.

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