Kate Jackson
Global energy expert; formerly SVP and CTO Westinghouse Electric Company
Kate J. Jackson is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Westinghouse Electric Company, where she is responsible for leading the company’s research and development activities and the company’s environmental sustainability. Kate joined Westinghouse from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), where she was the Executive Vice President of River System Operations and Environment and the Corporate Environmental Officer.

In her 17 years with TVA, she was responsible for the management of the 6,000 megawatt hydropower system, flood control, navigation, dam safety, public lands management, environmental services, and research and development activities. Before her tenure at TVA, Kate worked for Alcoa Corporation as a Technology Forecaster and was a post-doctoral fellow at the National Academy of Engineering. Kate serves on the board of directors for ISO New England, Inc., responsible for operating New England’s bulk power system and wholesale electricity market and managing the region’s comprehensive planning processes.

She is also an advisor to Carnegie Mellon University’s Engineering School and the Complex Engineered Systems program and is on the advisory board of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. Previously, she served on the board of directors of the Electric Power Research Institute, as well as its Governance & Nominating and Executive committees.

Kate earned a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Grove City College, holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering Management from the University of Pittsburgh, and master’s and doctorate degrees in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.